Lightmed LIGHTLas 577

LightMed’s LIGHTLas 577 is in true-yellow 577nm with continuous (CW) and sp-mode™ modality.  This machine has superior power output that produces 2.0W at every spot size.  The LIGHTLas 577 has yellow wavelength that has optimum absorption by oxyhemoglobin that results in safer, more controllable, and faster treatment with very little patient discomfort and better post-op recovery.  Also as a result of low light scatter and peak oxyhemoglobin absorption, typically 50% less power is required to achieve the same therapeutic effects as with the conventional green laser photocoagulation.  The yellow wavelength in the laser also increases the safety margins for macular treatment which allows a much closer approach to fovea then the traditional 532nm laser.



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