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Marco’s new CP-770 AUTOMATIC CHART PROJECTOR combines all of the sophistication and efficiency of our previous model 690, but in a more compact, modernized design. In addition to being smaller, lighter, and cosmetically more appealing, the CP-770 also incorporates a new maintenancefree LED illumination system that produces a brighter, more consistent high-resolution acuity image. By providing the option of programming up to 33 total charts in any order, the CP-770 allows the operator to conduct an examination by simply pressing one button on the remote control to advance to the next chart. While allowing you to pre-program a sequence of charts in advance, the CP-770’s random access capability provides the option of randomly selecting any chart while you proceed with the programmed refraction. Sophisticated masking features allow the user to isolate and maneuver individual horizontal or vertical lines, as well as individual letters, numbers and characters. You also have a choice of special polarized tests as well as a Red/Green chart and a separate Red/Green filter. OTHER TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED FEATURES OF THE CP-770 :
• A proprietary internal brightness control rheostat allows you to adjust the brightness intensity of the projected image.
• Advanced internal circuitry automatically compensates for any fluctuation in supply voltages or changes in refraction distance.
• A new optics design for the condensing lens system produces a 30% increase in the overall projected image quality.
• A new LED illumination system eliminates the need for halogen bulbs, making it completely maintenance-free.
• The high-intensity white LED produces a bright, high-resolution projected image, and also eliminates “ghost” images or other shadows commonly produced by bulb systems.


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