RIGHTON RETINOMAX K-PLUS 2 Autorefractor Keratometer


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Features :

  • Wireless
  • Auto-charging
  • Full measurement range and advanced measurement modes
  • Begins readings the instant that alignment and focus is achieved and terminated automatically when complete
  • Faster measurement times with increased accuracy.
  • Retroillumination function highlights media opacities.
  • Elimination of the chinrest makes the examination procedure easier and more relaxed for children

Specifications :

Measurement Range: S -18D to +23D, C 0 to – 12D, 0 to +12D, Axis: 1° to 180°
Increments: Auto/0.25D selectable, Axis: 1°

Measurement Range: Radius curvature: 5 to 11mm (in 0.01mm increments), Corneal astigmatism: in 0.25D increments, Axis: 1° to 180° (in 1° increments)
Measurement Area: Center: Ø3.2mm (R8mm), Peripheral: 25° tangential (vertical/horizontal)

Measurement Area: 2.5mm
Measurement Modes: Auto/Continuous/Quick R-K Mode RK/R/K
Measurement Time: RK: 0.25 sec. per indication, R: 0.12 sec. per indication (0.07 sec. in quick mode)
Mire Ring: 18 points dots: 30mm diameter
Consistency Value: 10 points
Pupil Observation: Retro Mode
Reaching Distance: 10.9 inch. (278mm)
Working Distance: 2 inch. (50mm) from cover glass
Dimensions (measuring head): 6.4 x 8.9 x 9.3 inch. (163 x 226 x 236mm)
Weight: 36oz (1,020g) (battery +6.4oz /180g)


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