ENVI Smart Acuity Chart


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Envi Smart Chart

The Envi Smart Chart is an all-in-one acuity system that includes everything you will need to set up in your exam lane. Included in the kit will be an Android tablet that functions as a remote. The Smart Chart also comes standard with a bluetooth remote and keyboard that can also be used as remotes. Also, you can easily access all of the functions of the system through the touchscreen tablet. Not only can you use the tablet, but any device on your Wi-Fi network can control any of your charts including the cell phone in your pocket. It can be Android, Apple, Windows etc… As long as it has connection to the Wi-Fi network and an internet browser, you can control the chart with it From the Android tablet you will access the intuitive graphic interface that allows the user to see what the patient sees on the screen right in front of them. When using in a mirrored lane, no need to turn around and interpret backwards letters because the content of the patient screen is duplicated in normal orientation on the operator’s screen. Also included is a high-definition monitor. Once the system is out of the box and installed in your lane a 2-minute calibration will have it set up and running.