Zeiss Matrix 715 FDT



Zeiss Matrix 715 FDT – for visual field loss detection and basic management Operating a visual field instrument doesn’t get much easier than a Humphrey Matrix. It provides the ideal solution for busy practices seeking a single perimeter for case detection and fast threshold testing when streamlined assessment is an option. In addition to simplifying visual field testing, numerous studies show that frequency doubling perimetry can detect visual field loss missed by other methods. Its patented stimulus, space-saving user-friendly design and validated clinical performance all make the Humphrey Matrix an ideal solution for many practices.

– Proven diagnostic performance in detecting early visual field loss.

• Reliable FDT supra-threshold testing and quick threshold testing for high patient throughput.

• 15% faster threshold testing on average and up to 70% faster for more advanced cases.13

• Video eye monitoring simplifies patient alignment and fixation monitoring.

• Large patient-friendly stimuli eliminate the need for trial lens correction in most patients.

• Simple operation allows less experienced staff members to operate.

• Data output option allows connectivity to OfficeMate®. (Ask for availability.)

• Connect to your EMR, office network or any device using DICOM connectivity with the FORUM system.