HUMPHREY ATLAS 995 Corneal Topographer



The Humphrey ATLAS CT System combines sophisticated analysis and advanced imaging in a very intuitive and user-friendly platform.The Atlas is ideal for primary care, the adaptation of contact lenses, detection and disease management applications corneal refractive surgery.

ATLAS now comes standard with advanced diagnostic and refraction Trend / STARS modules healing, offering a true elevation, irregularity trends and tools for today’s practice in a managed care environment.

The standard of care
The ATLAS system is the world’s most popular corneal topography with many features and unique capabilities. Advanced features include Arc-step algorithm, the true altitude and reconstruction of aspheric surface data.

The 22-ring Placido Cone presents a limb to limb field of view wider and ideal spacing avoids cross ring. The Cone-of-Focus ™ patented means superior electronic alignment for greater repeatability and accuracy. Also patented is the patient positioning the patient for wide peripheral coverage and automatically detects OD / OS interface. The device also offers automatic measurement of students and has USB and Ethernet capabilities to support data storage and network printing.

Exceptionally compact ATLAS integrates computer and monitor, and minimizes the space required table.


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