TOPCON TRC-50EX Fundus Camera




The Topcon TRC-50EX is a highly advanced, full featured retinal camera that is digital image ready. The Topcon TRC-50EX is able to generate bright, clear color or fluorescein retinal images that are immediately ready for digital analysis when the TRC-50EX is combined with digital analysis hardware and software. Technologically advanced features and a high performance optical design enable the Topcon TRC-50EX to take retinal images of exceptional resolution, with stunning speed and simplicity. As an industry leader, and a long lasting best seller, the Topcon TRC-50EX for diagnostic analysis has quickly become the industry benchmark for Mydriatic Fundus Cameras.

Topcon TRC-50EX Fundus Camera Features:

• Alignment Dots For New Users
• Separate Motorized 35mm Unit
• Expanded Flash Settings
• Expanded Digital Imaging Capabilities
• Programmable Flash Settings



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