ENVI MP-125/135 Phoropter

Range Of Measurement:


0 to -19.00 diopter in 0.25 diopter step


0 to +16.75 diopter in 0.25 diopter step


0 to -6.00 diopter(-8.00 diopter) in 0.25 diopter step

Phoria and vergency

20 to 0 to 20 by 1 step;Inner 40;Outer 40(50);Upward anddownward 40(46)

Near vision test

Main optical axes of both lenses converges by means of a tilt mechanismat 40cm in front of the eyes at 64mm P.D. If P.D. for far vision is less then54mm,converging operation stops.

Pupillary Distance

48 to 75mm by 1mm step

Binocular balance test

Rotary prism and polarizing lens methods are available.

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