HUVITZ MRK-3100 Autorefractor/Keratometer

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You can see abnormal crystaline lenses, cataracts, corneas, and scratches on the contact lens with the IR ( Infra Red ) light that is reflected from the retina. Using this mode, you can determine how healthy the customer´s eyes are.
We can examine the eyes very precisely because the MRK-3100P supports 4 images (2 images from each eye) and the operator can compare all 4 images at once.
The Retroillumination mode is basically fot looking at the eyes. In addition, it is possible for the information to be displayed as Sph, Cyl, Axis, of the eyes..

Position and Focus Indication :
If the eye is in position and in focus, a mark shows up and the operator can measure the eye. The mark follows the position of the eyes, indicating to the operator wich way he needs to make adjustments.

IOL Measuring mode :
The MRK-3100P determines the condition of the eyes automatically to detect if there are IOL´s or cataracts, and measure them.

Pupil, Cornea, Iris Size measurements :
The MRK – 3100P can measure under 14 mm by freezing the image.

PD Measurement :
During the Binocular measurement , The PD is automatically measured and printed.

Wider Range :
SPH Power : -25 D a +25 D
CYL Power : -10 D a + 10 D

CLBC ( Base Curvature ) :
Using the contact lens holder , measure the base curvature of contact lense.

Multiple charts for fogging method :
Select a chart from the 3 available charts depending on the customer´s preference, allowing for higher reliability.

High resolution monitor :
5.5 inch monitor is clean and bright, displaying a clear image.

High speed printer :
The high-speed printer prints out the final measurement results in 3 seconds.
A printing icon appears on the monitor while printing is in process.
The printing paper can be changed easily.

Automatic Power-saving function :
The system shuts off by itself automatically without the operator having to tell it to do so. The time to shutdown can be changed by the operator in the user setting window. This feature saves energy and prevents overheating.

One-touch Keypad :
Our keypad displays icons and pictures on the buttons so it is easy to understand and operate.
The operator can program buttons for different operations; the process to define new keys is very easy.


Modes :
Continuous Keratometry & Refractometry (K/R Mode)
Refractometery (REF Mode)
Keratometery (KER Mode)
Contact Lens Base Curve Measurement (CLBC Mode)

Refractometery :
Vertex Distance (VD) 0.0, 12.5, 13.5, 15.0
Sphere (SPH) -25.00 ~ +22.00D (When VD = 12mm)
(Increments : 0,12 and 0,25D)
Cylinder (CYL) 0.00 ~ ± 10.00D (Increments : 0,12 and 0,25D)
Axis (AX) 1 ~ 180 ° (Increments : 1 ° )
Cylinder Form : -, +, ±
Pupil Distance (PD) 10 ~ 85mm
Minimum Pupil Diameter : Ø 2.2mm

Keratometery :
Radius of Curvature 5.0 ~ 10.2mm (Increments : 0.01mm)
Corneal Power 33.00 ~ 67.50D (When corneal equivalent refractive index is 1.3375) (Increments : 0.05/0.12/0.25D)
Corneal Astigmatism 0.00 ~ -15.00D (Increments : 0.05/0.12/0.25D)
Axis1 ~ 180 ° (Increments : 1 ° )
Corneal Diameter :2.0 ~ 14.0mm (Increments : 0.1mm)
Memory of Data : 10 measurements for each eye

Internal Printer : Thermal Line Printer
Display : 5.5 inch (Black & White) CRT
Power Supply : AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Dimension: 300mm (W) x 500mm (D) x 430mm (H)
Weight : 21kg


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