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The TOPCON ACP-8 EM/R/MC Auto Chart Projector provides improved sharp and clear image projection and fast chart rotation. A cordless remote controller allows instant projection of the 30 test charts at a rate of 0.03 seconds per frame.
In addition, the ACP-8 can offer 3×5 character charts with a wide projection size (330×70) for fast and efficient testing.

Program Settings:
The ACP-8 EM/R/MC can be programmed to project a specific sequence of charts for maximum flexibility and refraction ease.
Single Character Masking
The versatile masking capabilities of the ACP-8 EM/R/MC allow projection of a single character at a time.
Coupled with CV-3000
The ACP-8 EM/R/MC can be remote controlled directly with the TOPCON Compu Vision CV-3000 remote controller.This combination allows the operator to quickly and easily access all functions for general visual examination.


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